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The Completely Unverified True Story of a Reality Television Superstar

(2020, Headlong Into Harm Press)

A single reality television moment made Mick a superstar and ruined his life. He lost eight years hiding out and dealing with the fallout of catching his fiancée, Molly, in bed with another man – and the fistfight with her lover, Parker, another cast member – that followed, while “The Mick and Parker incident” becomes the stuff of unscripted television legend.


With his comic book shop teetering on bankruptcy and to help his friend an onetime costar Annie stave off foreclosure, Mick reluctantly signs on to reunite with the cast and join them in an R.V. for a two-week scavenger hunt. Cross the finish line, and they’ll get a check big enough to sort out their messy finances. Before payday, Mick will have to conquer the festering feeling that surround Parker and Molly, as well as the contrived challenges requisite of network reality fare in snake sanctuaries, karate dojos and spiritual healers’ sweat lodges.


Aversion Therapy

(2012, Aversion Media)

When it launched in early 1999, Aversion.com was one of the first online publications devoted to underground music. Driven by an aesthetic that appreciated everything from The Clash to Depeche Mode and inspired by the absolute boatloads of ridiculous posturing and misinformed opinions that dominated the indie/punk blogosphere at the time1, it became known for its candid interviews and outspoken voice for the underground before it tossed in the towel in 2010.


As you’ve no doubt guessed by now, Aversion Therapy collects some of Mr. Schild’s favorite interviews of the period, collecting talks with bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Sleater-Kinney, Arab Strap, The Decemberists, Rancid, Jimmy Eat World, The Weakerthans, McLusky and Against me.


1 Not much has changed in twenty-plus years, eh?